Bradenton – the friendly city – is also a city that enjoys its water, anywhere and everywhere!

Whether it is the gentle breeze along the RiverWalk, the gushing waters at Anna Maria Island or Holmes beach, or the heated luxury or your very own private pool, Bradenton’s people undoubtedly thrive in its outdoor lifestyle.

Aqua Doc Pool Clinic serves the people of Bradenton, with superior pool cleaning, repair, and renovation services. Our goal is to help you enjoy your pool with all its comforts and minimal fuss.

Well-Known Pool Company at Bradenton

Chosen as #10 “Best Pool Service Company” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

The pleasure of an indoor pool – whether it is residential or commercial – is universal to the people of Bradenton.

However, this also comes with a heavy set of cleaning and maintenance duties, which can, unfortunately, eat into your weekends, making it a cumbersome affair. Fortunately, Aqua Doc Pool Clinic is here to save the day (and your weekends)!

We offer a range of contract-free services to help you get the most out of your pool. This includes weekly cleaning, one-time repair remodeling, fresh new surfacing and other maintenance services.

Certified Pool Service at Bradenton

Chosen as #2 “Best Customer Service” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

If there is one thing that sets Aqua Doc Pool Clinic from its counterparts, it is our expert team of dedicated staff and technicians.

They are all licensed, certified, and insured, so our clients consistently enjoy superior risk-free service. Further, we frequently enhance their skills through in-house training programs, so all our services adhere to the highest standards in quality and customer service management.

High-Quality Pool Deck Surfaces at Bradenton

The quality of a pool deck can significantly impact its usability and life. It can also enhance the visual appeal of your outdoor area, and further your tryst with the indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

You can contact an Aqua Doc Pool Clinic representative today, for a free visit and quote of deck repair/remodeling services. We will study your outdoor area and suggest cost-effective options for durable pool deck surface (including tile, concrete, pavers, etc.).

We can also work with you for additional outdoor elements (like installation of cabanas, pergolas, awnings, etc.), so you get the most out of the beachy Bradenton climate.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool Resurfacing at Bradenton

A pool’s surface can be surprisingly vulnerable to the elements. In the course of time, it becomes susceptible to gradual damage – like cracks, stains, leaks, etc. – which in turn can affect the safety of your pool.

Our team of experts will thoroughly inspect the quality of your pool surface during cleaning visits, and recommend affordable options for surfacing as required.

Affordable Pool Repair for Bradenton Residents

Ultimately, a well-maintained pool is defined by the quality of its equipment. This includes the pool filter that pump that collectively maintains fresh, clean water in your pool, heating equipment, lighting equipment, and plumbing.

Rather than address its maintenance through multiple service companies, you can choose to handle it in a cost-effective manner with Aqua Doc Pool Clinic. Our technicians will quickly inspect the state of equipment and offer you a quote, so you can act on time to reduce further damage.

Bradenton Pool Cleaning

In hot summers, an indoor/ outdoor pool can Bradenton not just bearable, but downright pleasurable! However, it comes with its share of tedious cleaning chores.

When you sign up with Aqua Doc Pool Clinic’s cleaning services, we take the monotony out of your pool, so you are left to enjoy it in a clean and safe environment.

Get in touch with us now at (941) 303-8785 to find out how we can help.

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