Floridians sure do love their beaches, and the people of Sarasota city are no different. In fact, the tropical weather makes it ideal to embrace an indoor-outdoor lifestyle all year around.

What better way to invite this into your home than through an indoor pool?

Aqua Doc Pool Clinic is a company that serves the entire Florida region and comes with over three decades of experience maintaining high-quality residential and commercial pools.

We have been nationally recognized by leading publications for our wide range of cleaning, remodeling, and renovating services.

Nationally Recognized Pool Company at Sarasota

Selected as #10 “Best Pool Service Company” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

At Aqua Doc Pool Clinic in Sarasota, we understand that having a private pool comes with its own set of rewards and obligations. Our mission is to make maintenance a hassle-free affair, so you can spend your time effortlessly enjoying the pool.

For this, you can either choose to sign up for a one-time repair service or hire us for a weekly maintenance routine. Either way, you will be assured of top-notch service from certified professionals, so your pool is undeniably clean and safe to use.

High Quality Pool Service at Sarasota

Selected as #2 “Best Customer Service” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

Our team includes dedicated staff, with the skills, experience and certifications required to service both residential and commercial pools. When you hire us for your needs, you will be greeted with uniformed professionals who have passed extensive background checks, as your safety is of utmost importance.

We hire only certified pool technicians and strengthen them with additional training in-house so you enjoy exemplary customer service at all times.

Superior Pool Deck Surfaces at Sarasota

A solid pool deck can help you further extend the pleasure you gather from your pool. For this, we can either build you brand new pool deck from scratch or renovate your existing deck in order to make it safe for a long period of time.

You can also choose from multiple deck surfaces (like tiles, pavers, etc.), and add outdoor elements like pergolas and cabanas to settle into luxurious indoor-outdoor living.

Swimming Pool Repair for Sarasota Residents

Whether you own a private swimming pool in your residence, or oversee a commercial pool in your company building, a well-maintained pool warrants speedy repairs to minimize further damage. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic technicians will quickly address your pool repair, so it stays safe and usable for years.

This includes:

  • Filter repair/replacement, so the water is always clean and clear.
  • Pump repair/replacement, so there is no stagnation.
  • Heater repair/replacement, so you can enjoy your luxurious pool even during winter.
  • Repair/replacement or other equipment (including electric and plumbing), so your pool is always safe for use.

Exceptional Pool Resurfacing at Sarasota

A pool’s surface can be subject to cracks, stains, mildew growth, and other forms of wear and tear over years of usage. These need to be fixed not just for cosmetic purposes, but also to maintain a safe, leak-proof environment. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic can provide this for you at an affordable cost.

Sarasota Pool Cleaning

Imagine spending precious hours of your weekend, slogging away at your pool. Fortunately, Aqua Doc Pool Clinic makes this redundant as we offer a range of contract-free cleaning plans, to fit every need and budget.

Regardless of the plan you choose, our skilled technicians will ensure that your pool has perfectly balanced water chemistry, with a spotless pump, filter, and skimmer baskets.

In addition, our cleaning experts will use high-standard chemicals to give the walls and tiles a thorough scrub, so your pool gleams with good health as you enjoy every dip!

Give us a call today at (941)-497-3333 to learn more about services!

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