The one thing that every resident of Venice, FL loves is its spectacular beaches. Some folks like to take their pets for a stroll on the Brohard Paw Park while some others like to enjoy day-long trips to the Venetian Waterway Park.

If you too are a water baby, there is no better way to enjoy the Venice weather more than getting your very own indoor pool.

Aqua Doc Pool Clinic has been serving the residents of entire Florida area, including Venice, for over three decades. We offer a wide range of services to help you clean, repair, remodel, and maintain residential as well as commercial swimming pools.

Highly Acclaimed Pool Company in Venice, Florida

Chosen as #10 “Best Pool Service Company” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

Aqua Doc Pool Clinic offers full maintenance and repair services to keep your pool in top working condition. Our technicians make sure that your investment stays in good shape so you can just sit back and enjoy your swimming pool.

We firmly believe in the quality of our work, that’s why our service is month-to-month, i.e. you don’t need to sign long-term contracts to enjoy our services.

Affordable Pool Service in Venice, Florida

Chosen as #2 “Best Customer Service” by Pool and Spa News Magazine (2018)

At Aqua Doc Pool Clinic, we believe that pool services should provide you the freedom to kick back and enjoy your pool. We have been offering award-winning pool services to the residents of entire Florida area, including Venice, for over 30 years.

We offer a full range of swimming pool services including cleaning, repair, and maintenance on a weekly or a one-time basis.

Our licensed and certified professionals regularly undergo additional in-house trainings to make sure they serve you in the most efficient way possible.

Fast Pool Repair Services in Venice, Florida

If the pool doesn’t get fixed immediately, it can cause severe security concerns for you and your loved ones. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic offers prompt pool repair services for residential and commercial swimming pools in Venice, Florida.

Our team of certified and licensed pool mechanics is trained to repair anything related to your pool, including, heaters, pumps, filters, plumbing, drains and skimmers, and much more.

Pool Deck Surface Construction and Renovation in Venice, Florida

A clean and good-looking pool deck is necessary to enjoy your pool to the fullest. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic can build a brand new pool deck for you to fit your needs and budget. Or if you want to renovate your current deck, we can do that too.

Contract-Free Pool Cleaning Services in Venice, Florida

Don’t want to spend your weekends cleaning out the pool? We can help. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic offers a full range of pool cleaning options to suit every budget. Here’s what we offer:

  • Netting the surface for leaf and debris removal
  • Emptying baskets
  • Filter cleaning
  • Tile brushing
  • Vacuuming
  • Full cleaning

Our pool cleaning experts use high-quality chemicals to thoroughly clean the pool tiles and walls, so your pool looks sparkling blue and safe to swim.

Pool Resurfacing Services in Venice, Florida

Exposure to weather and regular use can cause damage to your pool over the years. Your pool surface can develop blisters, scratches, cracks, and discolorations with repeated use. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic can bring back your pool to its former glory with our high-quality pool resurfacing services.

We can give a great boost to your pool’s appearance and save you a few bucks in maintenance. If your pool is starting to look old or worn, it’s time to schedule a pool resurfacing with us.

Want to learn more about our services? Give us a call at (941) 303-8785 or write to us today!

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