Adding Chlorine Tablet Using Pool Skimmer

Swimming pool skimmers are usually made of plastic. The main purpose of pool skimmers is to capture floating debris from the pool water such as dead insects, leaves, dirt and even oils from the swimmers. But not only that, because you can also use pool skimmers as another way to add chlorine tablets in the pool.

According to many, the improved way of adding chlorine tablets in the pool water is directed through the swimming pool skimmer basket. This method slowly softens the chlorine tablet and mix into the pool water more efficiently other than the floating pool chlorinator. Why? Because the pool water flows immediately over the chlorine tablets in the pool skimmer basket while the pool filter is running. The water with dissolved chlorine will then accelerate into the pool water with the help of the return jets. This process will allow the chlorine to circulate uniformly all over the swimming pool.

One of the disadvantages of adding chlorine to the skimmer basket is that the chlorine will soften and dissolve continuously even when the filter is off. In this case, if it happens, this may result in highly destructive water that can deteriorate the pool equipment. Remember to make sure that the chlorine tablets are completely dissolved before turning off the pool filter.

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