Sanitizer is the best armor against algae, particularly chlorine. The swimming pool will be free of algae by having the proper level of chlorine at all time. In spite of trying to maintain and keeping the pool healthy, there are a lot of things that may happen. This may result to pool water imbalance.

Swimming pool water can become unbalanced in so many ways. It can be from rain, environmental wastes or even oils, sweat, urine, etc. from bathers. Algae can get in, unnoticed until they become fully develop and expanding around the pool water. To kill algae, it is always advisable to shock the pool. You may have to do shock treatment two to three times, depending on how algae severely damaged the pool from spreading. Make sure to fully eliminate them.

Once the swimming pool water is clean and clear, as well as the chlorine levels,  are back to where it should be, you may now use an ALGAECIDE. Although it is called algaecide, it does not totally kill the algae. It actually prevents the algae from spreading and from continuously growing into the pool water.

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