Automatic Chlorinator in Pool

There are three ways to add a chlorine tablet in the swimming pool. We have posted on our previous article about What is a Floating Pool Chlorinator? and Adding Chlorine Tablet Using Pool Skimmer. Now here is another way and known to be the most excellent way to add chlorine tablet in the swimming pool. This is through the use of automatic chlorinator.

This procedure is the most adequate and accessible to users in adding chlorine tablet to the swimming pool. This will allow you to have better access and manage to take control of feeding chlorine into the swimming pool water. you can add more chlorine into it and adjust the dial to control the flow. You need not worry about the filter system that might deteriorate due to chlorine running into the filter first before going to the pool water. 

Like any other chemicals in the pool, there are also some drawbacks like the budget to purchase and install an automatic chlorinator. This will also require maintenance to keep it properly working plus some o-ring replacement. Remember to please be careful when opening the lid. It may be challenging due to the pressure and it may have a blast of chlorine gas that might hit your face or skin. Just be extra careful.

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