Avoiding Swimming Pool Maintenance Disaster

If you wanted to engage and continue in being a do-it-yourselfer in keeping and maintaining your swimming pool clean and germ-free, in this article, we are presenting the second part of avoiding swimming pool maintenance disaster. It is a common mix up to skip using the skimmer in removing dirt, debris, and even leaves regularly. Not cleaning or emptying the skimmer basket is also another maintenance mistake. Do not forget to clean and check on your filter as well. Brushing the walls of the pool as well as the floors and pool steps will prevent the development of algae. Just do not forget to vacuum after brushing. 

Another mistake is setting aside minor repairs that are not being taken care of immediately. If so happen that you notice some of what we called minor issues in the swimming pool such as a cut in the vinyl liner, damaged in the tiles, or an unusually loud sound of the motor pump once left unattended might probably lead to a disaster. Acknowledging these minor issues as soon as you noticed them is very important. That is to make sure that these petty issues will not turn into a bigger and immensely expensive repair and restoration. Attempting to save money by not trying to run the pool pump with its suggested time in a day and on how frequently it is in a week will affect pool water circulation. Improper flow of pool water could lead to chemical imbalance. Remember to let the pool pump running for at least up to eight hours a day to fully make sure that in all aspects, it completely runs into the filter and that the chemicals in the pool water are distributed evenly throughout the pool. 

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