Backwash Valves

Backwashing is the flushing out of dirt from the sand filter or DE filter out through the filters by dispatching the water backward. If you have a sand filter or a DE pool filter, there are several backwash valves on it. These valves have the same function. They are responsible for controlling the pool water flow through the filter. Backwash filter has three valves. These are the Push-Pull valves, Multiport Valves, and Diverter Style valves. 

Push-Pull Valve. A push-pull valve is the most common valve and is easy to operate and very understandable. Its sole function is to pull the handle up or to simply push it down. Whether you pull the handle up or to push it down, meaning you are reversing the flow of water in or out of the swimming pool filter. 

Multi-port Valves. A multi-port valve is next to the most common valve. It is more costly that the push-pull valve. it also offers more option and various several settings aside from backwash and filter.

Diverter Style Valves. Diverter style valves are the newest style of valves. These valves worked for the most part in providing the topmost possible flow rate of the pool water needed. They can also be appropriate to use with a valve actuator for a system that assists the progress of automatic backwashing. 

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