People, regardless, of their ages, take a lot of interest in swimming. Here is another simple way on how to make your pool water safe to swim at, and at the same time, improves the functionality of your pool. Backwash or backwashing is the process of thoroughly cleaning a swimming pool’s filter by a method of reversing the flow of water to flush out debris and contaminants. Due to this simple process, you don’t have to clean the filter manually, and it will only take just a few minutes.

Backwashing process will depend on how often you used your pool and how severe the debris and contaminants to be cleaned.

Step by step process:

1. You have to turn off your pump first. Remember to not change the filter control valve while the pump is running.

2. After making sure that the pump is off, you may now turn the control valve to the backwash position.

3. Turn the pump on and allow it to run until the wastewater is clear as seen in the sight glass at the backwash valve or waste piping.

4. Turn off the pump and switch the control valve to rinse position.

5. Turn the pump on for 20-30 seconds. This resets the sand bed and sends any residue of dirt into the waste line rather than into your pool.

6. Turn off the pump again and return the valve back to the filter position.

This process is simple and is important for the health of the swimmers as well as to maintain the proper function of your pool. Note that turning the pump back on resumes the swimming pool filter cycle.

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