Basic pool valves

The basic function of a pool valve is to control the direction of water flow in the pool, equipment, pipes, pumps or heaters. Pool valves are mostly for spa main drain, cleaner skimmer, and pool main drain. There are also some valves that have different operation and functionality.

Common two-way and three-way valves operation: The two-way valve has two ports; when open, the handle is perpendicular with the pipe and when closed, it is in line. For three-way valves: the valve is open when the handle is over the middle port. The three-way port can close in three directions; whichever port is opposite the handle position, that will be the closed port.

Pipes and valves can become clogged with debris or plugs. Jandy type valves are serviceable, to allow you to open them up to inspect the diverter, clear out clogs, or replace diverter o-rings, which can cause leaking from the handle. These pool parts need regular check and maintenance from experts to prevent any severe damage to its functionality.

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