Sounds like medical stuff? Yes! It was. PHMB is Preservative-free polyhexamethylene biguanide. This is the same as hydrogen peroxide that is used as a surgical disinfectant. 

Biguanide primarily based sanitizers are comparatively new to the system of pool chemicals, this has been changing into an additional common chemical to swimming pool within the previous few years. The most reason this pool chemical is growing and popular in the market is the result of the need virtually on absolutely no effect on bathers.

As a sanitizer, this substance will force the contaminants to get together and turn into a water-insoluble bundle. In that way, the swimming pool filter will no longer have any difficulty in capturing small contaminants in the pool water. However, you need to watch out for the filter. It may cause blockage from time to time.

Biguanide has its advantages as well. The swimming pool will not smell like chlorine because biguanide does not produce chloramine. It is also gentle and safe to bathers skin, and eyes. It doesn't matter if you have an indoor or outdoor pool because Biguanide will not burn out even with direct contact with the UV rays from the sun.

Biguanide has some disadvantages too. It is far more expensive than any other sanitizers in the market. It loses efficacy over time, so it is not as efficient as any other sanitizers as well. Biguanide may also be one of the cause of cloudy water in the pool.

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