Black Algae in Pool

Out of all the different kinds of algae, this black algae is definitely not the type you want in the pool. Black algae are known to more resistant to chlorine than the yellow algae. Once it set up itself to any pores around the swimming pool walls, it would really require hard work to get rid off. Therefore, it is more irritating and burdensome. Black algae can be found generally in lakes, ocean, and ponds. But it can be transported to swimming pool water through someone who recently been into a natural body of water. Family pets can also carry algae into the swimming pool water through their paws and fur. Since algae love unclean and contaminated water, it is really possible for them to stay in pool water especially if it is not properly maintained. If the pool filter or skimmer basket is not functioning well, this will prevent the water from circulating properly. The filtration system is also one of the factors because the water can be cloudy if the motor condition is not good. This will be perfect for algae to develop and progress.

Just like the yellow algae, black algae cannot be removed just by plainly doing shock treatment. Though shocking the pool is the first step, thoroughly scrubbing really hard is necessary to remove the slimy coating that protects the algae from chlorine. More than that, backwashing the filter is a must. Cleaning the filter is one preventive measure to make sure that any algae left will not go back to the pool. Make sure to scrub all black spots on it especially on a filter cartridge. Scrub a chlorine tablet on it then you may start shocking the pool. Afterward, you might consider adding an algaecide. Remember to follow the necessary instructions. Then 24-48 hours is the advisable time to run the pool filter.

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