Have you ever thought of an alternative for the chlorine? Yes! There is! Bromine is the most well-known substitute for chlorine. If chlorine is oxidizing the contaminants in the pool water, bromine, on the other hand, is ionizing contaminants. Bromine destroys unwanted contaminants from the pool water by breaking chemical bonds and torn them apart.

The advantage of bromine is that it doesn't break down easily as it works on killing harmful contaminants, unlike chlorine. However, bromine creates a waste product as it breaks down, it is called Bromamines. Though it is not as awful and stinky as chloramines, the solution for both once occur is still the same. To shock the pool! Shock Treatment.

The recommended level of bromine in pool water is 3 ppm - 5 ppm. It is often used on hot tubs or spas for proper sanitation. It works perfectly fine with warm temperature, unlike chlorine. Meaning you can use it either to indoor or outdoor pools. It is only available in tablet form. To dissolve it, it must be added to the swimming pool water by using a chemical feeder.

Bromine produces less odor than chlorine. However, it's chemical smell is more difficult to wash off from the skin after swimming in a bromine pool. Another advantage of bromine is that it is very useful to a lot of people with naturally sensitive skin. But as it turns out the biggest disadvantage of bromine is the chemicals cost. Bromine costs a favorable deal more per pound than chlorine, which prevents most pool owners from using it.

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