Causes of Chemical Imbalances

Keeping and maintaining the perfect swimming pool water chemical balance is one of the hardest parts of pool maintenance. There are a lot of particular issues that cause the same problem. Pool owners must check and be sure of the warning signs to know how to treat the pool water with the needed service and chemicals to make it good for one's wellness in the swimming pool.

The first sign is cloudy water. Though cloudy water could be a symptom for a variety of water imbalance issues, this may be due to unbalanced alkalinity or pH levels. Chlorine that is beyond the advised level. Inadequate filtration. Another sign is when you think you are adding the right amount of chlorine, but it seems not enough nor effective, this will cause chemical imbalance as well. You might want to check your usual routine and maintenance to look for the weak spot to have proper treatment.

When there are algae in the pool water, this will again be due to the same symptoms. Algae often form when there is a low chlorine level that is also due to incorrect pH or alkalinity level. It can also be caused by environmental influence such as the wind or the UV rays from the sun. In this case, you can prevent or treat algae build-up through pool shock treatment, and algaecide.

When the bathers are having irritations like eye irritation or skin irritation, this is also because of chemical imbalance. If this happens, you might want to do proper treatment first to avoid anything that may harm the swimmers.

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