Commercial Chemical Controller in Pools

Commercial chemical controller in pools are user friendly and reliable. It is a programmable controller and equipped with microprocessors that provides continuous monitoring of the pool and spa parameters such as ph, disinfectant levels, and flow switch. It can record your data from pool designs, monitors your filtering cycles, heating and lighting, entertainment centers, backwashing, and most especially adjust and monitor pool water chemistry. Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) is a measurement of the water ability to oxidize contaminants. Chemical controllers are working in combination with pH and other sensors. This could activate other dispensers of chemicals only when the chemicals are required. Chemical controllers continuously take all the works in determining and maintaining proper chemical levels.

The controller adjusts the amount of chlorine and other chemicals added to the pool based on inputs from the pH and ORP sensors. This is ideal for automatic adjustments, as factors such as sunlight and bather load fluctuate monthly, daily, and even hourly. There is a huge difference between safe, attractive and a disastrous pool, especially if we are talking about proper water balance. To ensure pool water is safe for bathers, the advances in chemical automation, disinfection methods and better education on the problems associated with water chemistry have made the job easier for pool operators. Using a chemical controller, pool operators can monitor and control the water’s chemical balance with more accuracy than in the past. This system provides pool operators with real-time water chemistry data, transferring information from the pool facility to a  record of the water’s current and past status. With a chemical controller, it’s much easier top handle situation that the pool owner has no knowledge about. Because the automatic monitoring system will flag the situation before it can even become a problem. Many do not understand how water chemistry works especially when it comes to water contamination. ORP is a qualitative measurement, not a quantitative measurement, and is affected by many factors, including the biggest variables in pool water chemistry, such as pH, cyanuric acid (CNOH)3, and salt.

It is best to have this type of system in any commercial pool. This will ensure the pools safety by using better sensors to lessen variation in chlorine residuals even with high bathing load, tighten control on chemical usage and improved bathing experience with significant cost reduction.

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