The scent of the swimming pool water that is often labeled as the smell of chlorine, can actually agitate the reflection of a joyful summer. 

Pool smell is not due to chlorine but to chloramine. This is the result once the pool water is inappropriately treated. Chloramines are the waste product or outcome once chlorine is used up in the course of the oxidation process of the swimming pool water. This is the result of chlorine disinfectants once combined with bacteria such as urine, lotions, makeup, and oils from the bodies of the bathers and even perspiration too. It also includes environmental wastes that are undesirable additions to the swimming pool water. If not treated properly, this may result in eye and skin irritation to swimmers as well as lungs irritation. Chlorine disinfectants should be added to the pool water to destroy them.

Once the chlorine disinfectants attack unwanted bacteria and destroy them, chemical build-up may arise. You must check your chlorine level especially when the smell of chlorine is alarming. Meaning the chlorine is no longer effective. It is high time to do Shock Treatment after testing. Remember to do it once the sun is down or during at night.

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