Salt Water Chlorinator

The most important chemical that is added to pool water to maintain it germ-free for a long time is chlorine. Salt water chlorinator can provide the right amount of chlorine into the pool. Salt water generators creates its own chlorine. It is the healthiest alternative in chlorinating pool

Salt chlorination is safe, effective, economical and healthy with minimum maintenance. This equipment is built with power supply, salt cell, along with salt added to the pool water. Depending on the size, volume and frequency of pool use, an estimated 10,000 hours of operation is expected in a salt cell. This is about 3-5 years of operation.

People may tend to create a lot of mistakes when putting in the chemical to the pool water, however, with a chlorinator, you will feel at ease and more than sure enough that the correct amount of chlorine is what enters your pool water. An automatic swimming pool chlorinator is a device that is attached to the pool filtration system and releases chlorine or other pool cleaners automatically into the pool water.

Before utilizing your chlorinator and to be more certain that you will get the best result from it, it is best that you check on everything you need. You should make sure that you will have enough availability of chlorine stored at home so that you can maintain the safety of your pools all the time. It is always best to seek assistance to a knowledgeable company like AQUA DOC POOL CLINIC.  For your inquiries, just click this link and fill out the needed information. We will be sure we get in touch with you the soonest! 

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