If you are constantly having a hard time measuring your chlorine level, therefore you are dealing with chlorine demand. According to Sacramento State Water Programs, Chlorine demand is the difference between the amount of chlorine added to water or wastewater and the amount of residual chlorine remaining after a given contact time. Chlorine demand may change with dosage, time, temperature, pH, and nature and amount of the impurities in the water.

Chlorine demand normally arises between spring to summer, just in time before the start of the swimming season. The reason for that is because when the pool water is stagnant due to the swimming pool is closed. The chemical balance of the pool water then will decrease as it increases the possibilities of having contaminants and harmful microorganisms that will develop. That is also the same reason why you have cloudy pool water and green algae. Heavy rainfall is one of the causes of Chlorine demand too. The acidity of the rain may affect the chlorine level of the pool.

In order to cure chlorine demand, check the chlorine levels first. No reading? Well, high time to shock the pool. Allow time for the chlorine to circulate in the pool water. Test again! If you still do not have any reading, add more supply of chlorine in the pool as many as possible, so that the pool water goes back to normal. For best result, you may use powder or liquid chlorine. Shock Treatment is best and more efficient to be done at night or just when the sun is down. You may check, Chlorine Reaction to Pool Water During Summer. Why? so that the heat and UV rays will not burn away the chlorine added in the pool.

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