Chlorine Resistant Plants

Chlorine is now generally used as disinfectants, cleaning agents, and specially used in swimming pools too. Due to its destructive nature, pool owners are also concerned regarding those plants in the landscaping surrounding the swimming pool area. Did you know that chlorine is commonly well tolerated by plants? Therefore, exposure to chlorine is not a problem at all. Pool owners can build a wonderful landscape around the swimming pool with lots of beautiful plants without needing to worry so much. 

All plants need a little quantity of chlorine to grow. However, anything that is too much can kill or damage a few plants. Due to the connection amidst chloride and chlorine, any plants that can tolerate salt in most cases can also be chlorine-tolerant. On top of that, any plants that have thick leaves are most likely to be resistant to any chemicals like chloride and chlorine. Here are some recommended plants that can beautify any swimming pool surroundings. 

Grasses. These grasses are full tolerant to direct sunlight or even drought. They are always present in every landscape.

Shrubs. This evergreen plant can highly tolerate the full sun on top of being salt and chlorine tolerant. They can be planted in the pool surroundings or can be potted. They have several stems and are good at making a design out of it.

Palm Trees. These trees are very useful as shades and a few commercial purposes, especially in the landscaping business. Therefore, it will exactly look better to have palm trees around the swimming pool.

Vines. Poolside vines in addition to the landscaped surroundings can be more pleasing to the eyes. It provides a different ambiance as well as it looks elegant too. 

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