Closing the Swimming Pool

It is almost the time of the year for other changes in the season to where most pool owners started to think about whether to close the swimming pool or not. On one occasion, once the temperature of the swimming pool water goes on constantly below 18 degrees Celcius, it is high time to begin thinking about closing down the swimming pool. We understand, that just by the idea and thinking about closing the pool is really hard. This could mean the end of enjoyment and fun as well as more good memories under the sun. 

In the other regions of the country, they need to close their pool due to the very cold weather. Or else, their pool will be freeze that will result in a very expensive repair or replacement of equipment. The reason why is because when the swimming pool water makes cold enough to become solid it expands. There is a very high possibility that it will also affect the waters on pipes and equipment that will make serious damage that will result in expensive repairs and replacement. To avoid such, you must correctly remove all water from the pipes, pump, skimmer, and filter. Drain them properly even the return lines to make sure that there will be no water to expand and that the pool equipment will not crack all throughout the very cold winter season. Furthermore, you may use the swimming pool cover as well. This will provide the convenience that will help lessen the dirt and debris as well as leaves that will end up in the swimming pool. Therefore, if you properly close the pool and really took all the time to check all the necessary pipes and equipment before closing, it would be much easier to open the swimming pool for the next season. 

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