Commercial Pool Stabilizer

After all of the chemicals added in your commercial swimming pool water, a pool stabilizer will work on to stabilize the chlorine so that the sanitizer would last longer.

The stabilizer is the generic name given to the use of chemicals – cyanuric acid (also known as iso-cyanuric acid) or its chlorinated compounds of sodium dichloro-isocyanurate and trichloro-isocyanuric acid. This combination of chemicals will keep your commercial pool clean and swimmable. The pool stabilizer will work directly to your swimming pool water. It will partially surround and protect the chlorine and will prevent it from degradation caused by the sun.

Although this is one of the swim-safe chemicals, this should still be taken seriously. We suggest adding any chemicals after everyone is out of the pool. You have to know the right amount of pool stabilizer to use. The suggested proper test level is 30-50 ppm. By 80 ppm you run the risk of having too much stabilizer in your pool. Inhibiting the sanitizing ability of the chlorine in the commercial pool. If you put in very low cyanuric acid, this will have a significant effect on your chlorine demand. This is due to unstabilized chlorine that is destroyed by the UV rays from the sun. Too much stabilizer though will result in another risk. Your pool may develop algae blooms and bacterial growth that are also difficult to get rid of especially in a commercial pool, even with a very high chlorine level.

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