One of the most valuable parts of a poolscape in the surrounding area of the swimming pool. It is a place where almost everyone would love to gather. It also gives a description of the characteristics and design of the pool. 

Concrete pavers are very flexible when it comes to choosing what design and style you wanted to do in paving your swimming pool. It also comes with a variety of colors and it is known to be the most economical and low maintenance. All concrete pavers are consist of sand, cement, and water. Sometimes it also includes gravel. These are the materials that would prove long term use. However, durability and characteristics of a surface may still be depending on how they are built. See Deck Replacement

There are two types of concrete pavers:

INTERLOCKING. These are usually made with a very solid concrete mixture that is typically thick and is applicable for all users. It also has an edge spacer that orderly design to create consistency before and after installation.

ARCHITECTURAL SLAB. These type of concrete paver does not have edge spacers. It is a made from muggy concrete that is molded to look like bricks. They are usually thinner than interlocking. 

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