COVID- 19 Guide To Swimming

Most swimming pools are voluntarily closing or were asked to be closed in the effort to stop the spread of COVID- 19. A respiratory virus that is known to be transmitted through droplets drives out when sneezing, blowing the nose, and coughing. These types of droplets can move along very quickly and undiscovered from one person to another. Once the virus enters a human being's nose, mouth, and even eyes, it will cause infection.

According to the report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention," there are no known cases that the COVID- 19 virus is ever detected in drinking water. The traditional method of treatment in cleaning the water that uses disinfection as well as filtration should take off and clear away the virus that causes COVID- 19. When it comes to the swimming pool water, the average level of chlorine in any swimming pool water is effective enough to kill the virus in COVID- 19. That is the reason why whether you use or close down your pool, the professional poo technicians will still be going to maintain your pool water safe and clean. It is good to hear that the normal pool cleaning operation, the proper average level of chlorine that is present in the pool water is enough to eliminate the virus. There is also no proof that COVID- 19 can be transmitted to a person through swimming in pools and hot tubs. Plan ahead and be prepared when going to swimminmg. Look for the current inspection score designated to a certain public spa and swimming pools. If non or in doubt, you can always check it for yourself by the use of test strips to check the level of pH and chlorine before you get into the pool. Remember to rinse off first into the shower to remove excess oils and other staff on the swimmer's skin. Keep off dirt, sweat, pee, poop, and blood away from the pool water. Refrain from swimming especially children when having a diarrhea. Lastly, do not ever drink pool water. It might contain bacteria that would make you really sick. 

Stay safe! Enjoy swimming!

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