Customize Pool Water Features

Combining a custom water feature into the swimming pool area will make the ambiance stand out and extra special. Some customed water features are Spa spillway, sheer decedents, sun shelf, waterfalls and grottos, bubbles and fountains as well as deck jets and laminar. 

Spa Spillway. This addition to the swimming pool will build more drama and a comforting impact on the waterfall. It looks elegant in the pool.

Sheer Descents. This is another exquisite modern design for sheer descents from raised walls, that provides elegance if added to any poolscape.

Sun Shelf. This is a flat bar usually seen at the edge of the swimming pool. It is an excellent place where you can put on some lounge chairs for those who wanted to enjoy the heat of the sun.

Waterfalls and Grottos. These are the greatest well-known add ons in a swimming pool. It can create a variety of styles and shapes that are constructed with natural stones in different sizes and shapes. This creates additional adventure with a swim-in grotto.

Bubbles and Fountains. this addition to the swimming pool will create a playful and bubbling fountains that are often located on the edge of the pools that splash up water. Creating added excitement and fun especially whit a colorful LED light at night.

Deck Jets and Laminar. Just like then bubblers and fountains, These are also charming streams of water that will add drama and suits your changing mood that goes along well with LED lights.

Stay healthy and enjoy swimming!

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