Cyanuric Acid in Pools

Cyanuric acid is the chemical name for swimming pool stabilizer. The Stabilizer level of a swimming pool water is usually tested once a pool is opened at the start of the swimming season. It should be maintained at the range of 30-50 ppm. The stabilizer is important because it engages in partnership with chlorine. The stabilizer is moderately surrounding the chlorine in pool water in a molecular manner. It is responsible for protecting and preventing the chlorine from burning out quickly when exposed from the heat of the sun or ultraviolet rays.

The indication of getting an excessive amount of stabilizer and having insufficient stabilizer in your pool water is most likely the same. When all of the other chemical levels added in the pool water are all balanced except for the chlorine level, it is high time to test for the stabilizer level. It would be more challenging to keep the chlorine level if the stabilizer level is below 30 ppm. Any chlorine that will be added to the pool water will immediately burn off and evaporate due to exposure to the sun. However, too much stabilizer level that is above the 50ppm will also be crucial in maintaining the level of chlorine. The stabilizer will then completely cover the chlorine instead of just protecting the chlorine in the pool water by partially surrounding it. At this point, the chlorine can no longer engage in action making it useless and not being able to fight harmful bacteria and contaminants to sanitize the pool water. Free chlorine will then be at a zero level.

The stabilizer can only be used for outdoor swimming pools that have direct hit to sunlight. It can only be added to the swimming pool only if necessary. Once the stabilizer is added in the swimming pool water it cannot be eliminated quickly. In order to lessen or lower the level of stabilizer, the pool water should be drained for at least 25% and refill it with fresh water. After re-filling, the pool should be running for another 12-24 hrs for the water to circulate properly. 

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