Different Types of Pool Pumps

The best way to choose for the right pump for your commercial pools is to determine the size and to know the particular needs to operate it. To help you better understand, these are the different types of pool pumps.

Single Speed Pump is the type of pump that only has 1 impeller. It works at one fixed speed that always operates at, while the other pump can run at various speed. Although all pump works equally well on to pump water, it isn’t always most efficient at its maximum speed. For example, in having more efficient filtering, your pump should be running at a lower speed. While for more efficient heating, it is recommended to run your pump at a higher speed to meet the necessary flow of water to run your heater. These are the least expensive to purchase, however,  it is the most expensive appliances in most homes when it comes to energy savings.

Two Speed Pump is built with two unchangeable speed. The high and the low. However, it is basically not true that these are as good as or more adequate to meet the needs of your any specific pool functions. When the pump is running at half speed, it can provide a huge amount of energy savings.

Variable Speed Pump allows you to customize the programming of speed pumps that will perfectly match the need for the different application needed by your pool. This type of pump is far more expensive than a single speed pump. But this additional investment can be recovered in energy savings.

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