Economical Way to Run A Swimming Pool Heater

Outdoor swimming can be extended after the summer seasons with the help of an appropriate swimming pool water heater. Extending the healthy benefit of swimming and more fun and excitement shared with loved ones after the cooler month is one of the best advantages of having a suitable pool heater. The heater can immediately turn into a strain on the budget if not correctly managed as well as the other energy-consuming appliances in a household. The major deliberation in accurately using the pool heater is also on how frequently you use the pool. 

Here are some thoughts to consider on how to run the swimming pool heater in a more economical way. The required (British Thermal Units) BTU's per hour from the water heater can be determined by the desired rise in water temperature and the surface area of the swimming pool. Therefore, installing the correct size of the heater can quickly heat the pool water in a shorter time and it also cuts down strain on the other appliances in the house. Knowing when to heat the pool is another factor. Usually, to increase the temperature of the pool to the desired level will take about 24 hours. However, this approximated time always differs from the temperature of the pool water before heating. It is recommended to turn off the heater if the swimming pool will not be used for a few days or more. You can always start heating the pool the day before you are scheduled to use it. It can be more efficient that way instead of continuously letting the pool heater run the whole time with the other appliances. Finding the heater type with the one with an electric start also has greater efficiency.

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