Effects of Alum flocculant to commercial pool water

One of the most widely used flocculants in commercial water treatment is Aluminum Sulfate. It is normally sold in blocks of soft white stone and generally called Alum flocculant. Alum, is a short term for aluminum sulfate, it works as a flocculant in your commercial pool, meaning that it attracts and traps suspended particles in the water and then sinks them to the bottom of the pool so that these particles can be vacuumed to waste.

You’ll surely not appreciate your commercial pool to have cloudy water. This are often caused by dead algae and other contaminated particles, especially around the commercial pool. Having a commercial pool, you have to make sure the well being of all your swimmers. In using Alum, you may crush it into a powder before adding it to the water. Stirring and decanting or stirring the whole stone in the water for a few seconds and waiting for the solids to settle are the most basic ways. By doing this, it is proven to reduce cloudy or thick with a suspended matter in the commercial pool water and is inexpensive. You may see the immediate result within just a few hours and is super effective.

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