Effects of Nitrates in Pools

The presence of nitrate to swimming pool water is said to be not causing any direct damage and harm to swimmers. However, the condition and characteristics of the water will be highly affected. High levels of nitrate can do a lot of changes into the swimming pool water.

Nitrates speed up the growth of algae. They are one of the great sources of food for algae that boost their growth and development. These algae will stick itself through the walls of the swimming pool while some of them are floating into the water. If this problem will not be treated right away, the entire swimming pool will be covered with algae.

In the existence of a high level of nitrate in the pool water and a high possibility of algae presence, sanitizing the pool water with chlorine can be more difficult. This will stand in the need of adding more and more chlorine that will require you to do more effort and spent more money than the usual maintenance process. Chlorine will rapidly be used up in no time.

Nitrates will also make the pool water green. It will start by reducing water clarity that eventually made the pool water cloudy and if not addressed properly it will transform into a cloudy green pool. This is due to the existing growth of algae.

The effect of nitrate existence in the pool water will result in the habitation of algae, unstable, green and cloudy water. These are all signs of a poor water condition. This will then be harmful and will leave a very bad effect on a well-being.

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