Effects of Swimming in a Pool with Algae

To hold back algae away from developing into the swimming pool water is to maintain an appropriate level of alkalinity and pH balance. This is the best way to prevent algae from growing into the pool water especially during the summer season. If not adequately maintained, Swimming in pool water that has alga e can lead to bacterial infection, eye and skin irritation. This will be harmful to swimmers who only tend to enjoy cooling off by swimming. 

Skin Problem. This is the most common reaction if the skin is exposed to swimming pool water that has algae. Although green algae alone can not harm humanity, the bacteria on it can cause reactions to human skin. It can cause rashes and enters the skin pores that may cause severe infection due to too much exposure to bacteria.
Bacterial Infection. Germs and bacteria can instantly reproduce in the water. 
Bacteria from algae and along with the other bacteria that can contaminate swimming pool water can be passed on directly or indirectly to swimmers in the pool. It may cause eye infection as well as itchy skin irritation. On the other hand, swallowing contaminated water with bacteria and algae by mistake may cause nausea, fever, diarrhea and other sign of illness combined with having an infection.
Physical Injury. Slimy algae are usually on the edges and ladder of the swimming pool. This may result in unexpected falls or worst may result in drowning if someone would have a bad fall that will leave them unconscious. Algae in the water can be extremely slippery that will cause swimmers to fall follows by some cuts. bumps or broken bones. Pool owners and caretakers should close the pool to anyone first while treating algae in the pool for everyone's safety.

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