Elements of Push-Pull valves

The push-pull valve is the ultimate average valve in the swimming pool industry. Due to its integrity and very low cost, it is preferred to use by most pool owners. It is known to provide an exceptional pool water flow rate in comparison with the multiport valve. The push-pull backwash valve has two specific parts. The valve body and the valve internals.

The valve body has three plumbing gate valves. It is for the water intake, water outlet, and the backwash line. The valve internals is consist of wafers with o-rings on it, a shaft, and a handle. This is the internal combination that moves the push-pull backwash valve up and down.

A push-pull backwash valve only requires very essential and minimal maintenance. After backwashing the filter, it is important to double-check that the backwash line dries out. This way, you will prevent damage and refrain any water left from freezing that will surely cause a bigger problem. Lift the push-pull valve top cap and take out the plunger. Change the o-rings and lubricate it as soon as you notice any changes in the valve performance. Do this at least once a year or as needed. 

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