Ever heard of the Tired Pool Syndrome?

While you make sure that your pool won’t need any major renovations within the next 10 years, it is inevitable to see it worn out after that specific period of time. Whether you’ve been good in maintaining the pH balance and the cleanliness of your pool, fatigue can still occur on your pool. Some of its most obvious manifestations are a cracked deck, a faced liner, a missing tile, and a harder-to-maintain pH balance.

However, not all signs of a tired pool syndrome can be identified at a single glance. To help you identify, here are the 7 warning signs of the tired pool syndrome listed by poolspanews.com:

  1. A rubbish and disorderly pool pad.
  2. Using a high-voltage incandescent lights. Don’t focus on the lights, focus on the pool. A higher voltage can cost you a substantial amount of energy expense! Instead of having a 300-watt light, choose a low-voltage, long-life LED lights.
  3. A need for junction box. In connection to sign number 2, your junction box is responsible in monitoring low- voltage hardware most especially on LED lighting systems. This will help you check your lighting voltages and potentially give you lower energy consumption.
  4. It’s no longer exciting to be on the pool. If you love your 10-year-old pool like it’s one of your children, you will love the modern aesthetics of pools today! Go with the trend. Go with spa, laminar jets, bubblers, and deck jets!
  5. Your outdated heater. Your heater must match the era! Heaters of today are more efficient than those which have existed for the last 10 years.
  6. Your freeze protection control is still manual. This will only make you do back and forth treks on a chilly winter night instead of enjoying your home’s heat if only you have an automated one.
  7. An outdated surge suppressor. Don’t compromise your investment. Go for an up-to-date surge suppressor to protect your pool system hardware instead wasting money on countless repairs.

Are you experiencing the tired pool syndrome? Do not let this happen. To get the latest pool renovation design ideas, just fill in the form in this link and we’ll start from there.

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