Frequent Swimming Pool Issues

Are you a swimming pool owner, and experiencing one of these common swimming pool problems? If it’s a yes, then go ahead and learn what do other pool owners are more likely to face and know their best solutions to overcome those issues.


Have you experienced having nasty green colored water? Or worse, a dull black? This can happen when your chlorine levels have severely dropped, this will allow algae to grow in the water. Usually, this occurs when the pool is poorly maintained by the owner or the maintenance person. Prevention of the discoloration of pool water is possible but it takes some time and a few steps toward pool health.

First, do a manual removal of any debris that is in the water. Don’t use your vacuum until debris is completely removed, as this could result in a clogged up equipment. Once you removed as much of the debris as possible, start shocking your pool. Do it repeatedly for several days with large amounts of chlorine until you see some improvements, and consider algaecide to kill off the growth of algae. 


Do you have excess debris in your pool? It is because there are chances that filters become clogged and cannot filter properly as much as you expected. To get rid of this problem make sure to turn off your pool pump before proceeding. Clean your filter cartridge, and replace it with a new one if needed. But, make sure to consult a pool maintenance specialist for the right side of the filter cartridge for your pool or for the pump before buying a new one.


It’s very important to keep the amount of your pool’s water level steady. If you fail to do so, you might have the risk of damaging the pumping system because it is pumping air and not water. To solve this concern, you can easily add more water to the pool, but take note if the problem happens repeatedly and to excess. It might indicate a possible problem such as a leak. 


This is likely black algae and treating it is easy. Scrub and brush surfaces with black algae with an algaecide that is meant for black algae. You must also test the water’s chemical balance to combat the problem more efficiently and for the long term.


Issues like low water level or overworking your pump can surely burn out your pump. This is a noteworthy repair that everyone must prevent. This can be prevented by ensuring your pump is primed. To prime efficiently, you need to fill the intake with water. Once the pump started, it will push out air via discharge. Keeping your pool water level steady, ensuring your pump is appropriately primed, and not overrunning your pump is the best way to prevent your pump from burning.

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