Getting ready for a poolside party?

Thirteen more days before Thanksgiving. Whether you are planning a big and festive party or a small and quiet get-together poolside party, you need to have your pool be ready for it. Here are some important things you need to make sure you check before the event.

  1. Check the water if it has a decent feel of resistance, if not and it feels slimy then the chlorine is not working effectively. Consider applying chemicals to ensure its bacteria free before the party.
  2. Check if the water is looking cloudy or murky. There may be several factors for this such as flood water may have entered the pool area, perhaps pool circulation causing water to stagnate
  3. Murk could be a sign that the pool’s chemical balance has gone awry, leaving the water vulnerable to bacteria or algae. It could also mean contaminants such as flood water might have entered the pool.
  4. Good water circulation will give you crystal water. Check water flow in your pump system. No leak should be visible.
  5. Pools have filters, but can only do their job if the water actually gets to them. When in the pool, look for the circulation jets and make sure you can feel water being forced from them.
  6. People are a leading suspect here, but pools aren’t much use without them. However, look out for showers near to the pool and how many people use them before taking a dip – this can help gauge the overall health of the pool water.
  7. Many people wrongly believe this is a sign of too much chlorine, when it actually means there’s likely to be too little, so make sure it is properly monitored.

To ensure that the pool is properly maintained, hire a pool expert. Aqua Doc Pool Clinic is definitely the one who can help you. Fill in the form in this link and we’ll start from there.

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