Green Algae in Pool Water

It is the time of the season again when we enjoy swimming! However, if the pool is green, it is a big NO-NO! The common sources of the green swimming pool water are a small quantity of chlorine, algae or pollen in the pool water. Green algae are naturally existing in the atmosphere. Algae can be transported in many ways. It can be through the air and lie on the surface until they run across a place where they can evolve and develop. It can also be imported by the swimmers or pool equipment. Algaes are always present in the pool water. That is why algae become larger and spreading very fast. They are very tiny and almost undetectable and unable to be seen by the naked eye. An increasing pH level, unbalanced chlorine level as well as damaged pump or filter signifies a problem with algae.

There are various methods to work on to get rid of green algae in the swimming pool water. If you are seeing floating green evident clusters of algae into the pool, you will need to treat the pool with chlorine. Because the pool water obviously did not have enough chlorine to eliminate algae on a day-to-day basis. Shocking the pool is a common method in eliminating algae. Flocculant is also another procedure. Flocculant will captivate the algae and bind them together making it easier to vacuum up. It may sound like as easy as it may seem in removing algae using flocculant but that does not guarantee that the pool water is safe. Checking pool water's pH level as well as the chlorine level is necessary. This could mean that you will need to shock the pool before allowing someone to swim in. Algaecide is the suggested method in dealing with a large volume of algae. Algaecide will destroy and kill all the existing algae in the pool water. 

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