Guidelines in Using Swimming Pools

Swimming pools need your care especially during summer. It is important that you are aware of the additives that goes into the pool water. The key is to establish a regular maintenance schedule that limits the time you spend prepping the pool and rather spend more time enjoying it.

Don’t jump in immediately. Clear off the swimming pools of any debris. Get the branches and leaves out with a pool net. Then, run the filter to get things circulating again before you begin to chemically treat the water. Be sure to run the water long enough for one full cycle to take place.

Do Proper PH Balance in your water.  With correct balance, this avoids skin or eye irritation during swimming. It is crucial to follow your pool kit’s instructions to the T each time you treat your water. Striking a proper balance of pH, overall alkalinity, and calcium also keeps metals from corroding and plaster from degrading over time and prevents the formation of scale, which makes water cloudy, stains surfaces, and can even clog your filter if left unchecked.

Don’t Forget Chlorine.  This chemical works destroys enzymes, structures & processes of nasty microorganisms.

Do Give it A Shock. Shocking the swimming pools is essential. Applying it 3-4 times the normal amount twice a month and a weekly shock is advised by experts. There are shock products that are available in granular or liquid form. For liquid, use 3.5 quarts for every 10,000 gallons of water; for granular, use one pound for every 10,000 gallons. After 15 mins, the swimming pool is now ready for you. Using bromine instead of chlorine everyday is OK but you still need to shock it. Wait until the sun goes down so that UV rays for best results.

Don’t forget Algaecide. Minuscule plant grow quickly in pools making swimmers avoid the water. The usage of algaecide is to kill algae permanently. It’s particularly useful in windy and rainy climates, these conditions foster algae growth by sweeping those pesky spores straight into your pool. Weekly or biweekly algaecide treatment should keep those blooms at bay.

Do Avoid Pool Problems. Keep a pool sparkling clean, steer clear of common missteps that would undo your copious maintenance efforts. Direct the garden hose away from the pool when banishing poolside dirt—otherwise, you’re just creating more work for yourself (and your filter). Cover the pool when you’re in for a spate of storms are expected.

Don’t Reuse Empty Containers. A must: Always add chemicals to water, and never add water to chemicals. Be sure to dispose of them properly instead of putting your safety at risk.

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