How Do We Get Away with Water Bugs?

We already know from our previous article that water boatmen eat dirt and algae and that the backswimmers are the predators of boatmen, it will be much easier for us to address any issues. Educating ourselves by knowing something about our enemy is much better than not knowing at all. Well, the solution is very simple. We must remove their source of food and everything that will want them to live in the pool water. While making sure that the pool is algae-free, it also goes a long way against supervising insect inhabitants.

Let us assume that the swimming pool already has bugs. Now to get rid of it, we must shock the pool to remove algae. Cutting off the food source of the bugs is the first line of defense. There are six steps to follow on how to remove water bugs in the pool. First is to skim the swimming pool with a net skimmer. we must remove everything that is within the surface of the water. Then, brush off the walls as well as the bottom of the pool. Make sure that any types of bugs will no longer come back for food supply. So you better scrub it all out making sure that all the bothersome algae spores do not have the opportunity to bloom and hang out. To gather up all the loose dirt and algae after brushing, set up for a good vacuuming. Once cleaned, shock the pool. You may use a quality calcium hypochlorite so that anything else remaining after all the skimming and brushing as well as vacuuming will be completely killed. Lastly, after 24 hours, balance your pool chemistry. 

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