How to Choose a good Swimming Pool Renovator

How to Choose a good Swimming Pool Renovator

Quality materials versus sub standards pool renovations

Florida is known to have most number of swimming pools in the United States. More than 4.76% of it’s population has swimming pools.

Since 1900’s, South Florida offers a long swimming history from the first concrete pools to famous aquatic sports athletic training sites. Various citizens and vacationers alike enjoy the opportunity to visit and swim in these sites.

With the number of swimming pools in this city, there won’t be any problem finding a company that will promise to renovate or clean pools. These companies are practically crawling out of this place.

There has been a challenge with choosing the appropriate swimming pool renovator in Florida. There was a research that showed only 27% of these businesses are more than five years of existence. Thus, knowing the difference between experts and inexperienced is quite tough.

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. “Tile-over-Tile” is a classic shortcut method that some installers will use to save themselves time and money.
  2. “What type of interior finish is the best?” “aggregate interior” or “Marcite/plaster”? certified or approved applicator, material they recommend as a bond coat.
  3. “What is your average rating online? How many five-star reviews do you have?”
  4. “What brand pavers do you recommend? Where do you get your travertine?”
  5. “What brand pool equipment do you recommend?”
  6. “How long have you been in business?”
  7. “Does the renovator offer water chemistry balancing after the resurface?”
  8. “What are their recommendations for using a heat pump and salt system after renovation?”
  9. “Do they have a service focused mentality?”
  10. “Do they communicate well during the pool renovation sales process?”

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