How to Handle Foamy Swimming Pools

Bubbly swimming pool water may look like fun once in a while for it looks like a huge bubble bath. However, a foamy swimming pool as a matter of fact is not a favorable thing, because it could only mean that the pool water is out of balance and is too thick. So in this article, we will provide some steps on how to clear away bubbly pool water as well as on to how we can prevent it from reoccurring in the near future.

You might want to know what causes having a foamy pool. This could only mean that the pool water has too many contaminants and impurities like sweat, hair, oils, and beauty products from the swimmers. The cause also includes leaves, organic debris, and algae. Too many algaecides or using some cheap chemicals that is most likely have additives may also one of the causes of a foamy pool. Therefore, one or the other, this dirt will make the pool water soo thick and that the air coming from the pool flow adds more volume into it that causes more bubbles into the water. Getting rid of the foamy swimming pool is not too challenging to remove and worked on. But, it will take a lot of time. It will also depend on what causes the bubbles in the first place. If it is due to cheap chemicals or algaecides, it will eventually break down on its own. So you will just have to wait for a few days until it is gone. However, if the bubbles are caused by the consolidation of organic matter, it will surely require a lot of heavy-duty cleaning. You might want to check your pool chemistry first. At this point, the chlorine levels are most likely off. You will need to correct the pH and alkalinity levels first before you begin to shock the pool. It is best to shock the pool in the afternoon and then allow it to work overnight. Check all the chemistry levels in the morning and then work on balancing all levels. Another option is that you can also drain and refill the swimming pool especially if you often use the pool and had a lot of swimmers. Drain some of the water and then refill it with clean water. Afterward, you can go ahead and shock the pool as well. If all of these processes did not work, you can also buy an anti-foam chemical. Its main objective is to dissolve the bubbles right away. Remember that this can only be used if the pool water is recently cleaned and you only have minimal foam. If it is extremely dirty, you will be needing to shock the pool as well. Finally, the filtration system should also be checked to ensure that it is properly working. 

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