How to Remove Pollen in Pool?

Every swimming pool owner must be knowledgeable to closely keep an eye out for pollen counts. When pollen is at its heaviest, every pool owner must be ready and able to carry out its responsibility to make use of additional work done on the pool and to make certain that the pool water remain uncluttered and safe for every bather to use. Once you finally determine that you absolutely have a pollen problem, these are the things that you just need to work on to dispose of and eliminate pollen in the pool every day. Especially in the course or its heaviest season of the year.

Running the swimming pool's filtration system for 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week is the best protection against pollen issue. It may not fully removed or clean the pool against pollen but at least it will lessen the burden. In this manner, it will decrease the amount of work to remove pollen in the pool water every day. During the pollen times, you might want to run the skimmer more than once a day through the pool water to pick up collected pollen overnight. Remember to use a very fine mesh head because a regular skimmer net will not work to catch the pollen. You may also use or add aluminum sulfate to the water. This will work and connect with pollen to hook up together so that it will be easier to remove using either the filtration system or the pool skimmer. Shocking the pool is also essential because this will clear the pool water from any contaminants that may cause by pollen floating in the water. A constant vacuum is necessary. 

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