How to save power in the swimming pool?

As we all know, having a swimming pool is quite cozy the whole time especially the summer period. Some experts may say that during the summer peak season, a usual backyard swimming pool can actually use an amount of energy that can power the whole house for three months. In this article, we will provide a handful of energy-saving tips that will help you appreciate having a swimming pool at a lower cost. 

The swimming pool pump as the heart of the swimming pool system as well as the filter pump can be considered as the most energy consumer in a single household. Therefore, reducing any amount of time in running the pump on a daily basis will help you save energy and add more savings. Always remember that by all means, reducing the amount of time does not mean it is ok to compromise the pool chemistry. In running the pool pump as well as the pool filter, you must still keep it up by running the pumps depending on the size of the pool and on how often it is used.

Another intelligent purchase is to upgrade the pool system through an automatic time clock. In this way, you can set up a timer for the pool cleaning system as well as the filter. You can run the pool pump in the event of off-peak hours. By this habit, not only that you can help lessen the electricity rates for everyone, but you are also helping in reducing the demand for power during peak hours especially in the summer season.

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