How to Use a Robotic Pool Cleaner

The robotic pool cleaners help you accomplish and maintain the swimming pool more effortless. These devices are designed to practically carry out all the cleaning task for the pool. Giving you more time to spend with work or family and a lot of time to relax and have fun in the pool.

These amazing devices will also need some proper steps to make sure they perform well and to extend their life expectancy. The robotic pool cleaners are convenient to use and at no installation needed. They are also energy-saving devices. The first step to do is to mobilize the carrier caddy that is positioned around five feet away from the swimming pool deck together with the control unit. Ensure that the cord is plugged into a designated GFCI outlet. To acquire the pool cleaner's top work performance, attach the floating device cable to the control unit and twist in the connector as far as it is safely tight. But make sure to do not over-tighten. Submerge the pool cleaner into the pool water by gently shifting it from one side to another or simply vertically. This action will remove all air to escape into the device. Choose your preferred cleaning cycle. Remember that this setting may vary depending on the model units. For some units, they may ask you to choose between waterline only or bottom line only. That would be up to you depending on the pool cleaning needs then simply press start. To reduce cable tangling and to guarantee that the pool cleaner will work continuously without interruption, bring the cleaner halfway of the pool length and spread the cables. Keep in mind to not turn the device on before submerging the pool cleaner into the pool water. This will damage the pool cleaner. Do it the same way once done. Turn the device off before lifting it from the water.  

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