Importance of Multiport Backwash Valve

Choosing a multiport valve is a very wise decision and is beneficial if you are using a sand filter. Why? It is because if you have a sand filter, you will need to run the pump for a substantially longer time when backwashing other than when you are using a DE filter. DE filter will only require a considerable briefer time during the backwash procedure rather than a long process using sand filter. 

In any case, using a different valve when running the filter at any time using backwash mode, the dirt in the pool water will be collected to the filter. And if you switch the valve back to filter mode, any dirt that was collected on the filter will all go back to the swimming pool water.

That is when a multiport valve becomes more useful. A multiport valve has a setting that will lead the pool water onward through the filter and then it will be sending the pool water to the waste line. By this process, all debris and dirt that has been collected in the filter will not go back to the swimming pool. The multi-port valve will filter the debris and dirt off to waste through the rinse setting. It is then advisable to run the pump using the multiport valve rinse setting for about 15-30 seconds while backwashing before switching the multiport valve back to the filter setting.

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