In-Floor Cleaning System

When it comes to spending your free time, there are a lot of important things to consider and attend to other than spending hours cleaning dirt and algae. Put your precious free time to better use.  The in-floor cleaning system in pools is the improved way of cleaning your pool floor.  Your pool can be built to clean itself while you relax.

This in-floor cleaning system is an automatic, integrated cleaning system that’s built into the bottom of your pool during the construction process. This system is designed to clean your entire pool, especially your pool floors, benches, and steps. Once the pool has been treated and heated, in-floor cleaning systems will then work on removing debris from the floor of the pool, as do other forms of pool cleaners including robotic pool cleaners. In-floor cleaning systems use water jets in an energy-intensive process to blow debris randomly around the pool and ultimately into a centralized pickup point for removal from the pool.  This cleaning systems provide more benefits other than just cleaning. They improve deep-water circulation and improve the chemical and heat efficiency of your pool. Once the pool is heated, the water quality will be more sensational, swimming pool owners will then reduce their chemical use and if a heating system is installed, it will be more effective for heat retention.

Most in-floor pool cleaning systems consist of a pump, pop-up rotating heads similar to a sprinkler system, a leaf canister for higher volume debris collection, and the main pool drain with greater capacity for debris intake. When activated, rotating heads emerge from the bottom of the pool and begin spraying water. This pressurized spray removes debris, dirt, and algae from the pool’s surfaces. As water circulates through the filter, it removes the contaminants from the pool, which leaves you with crystal-clear swimming water.  When not operating, the cleaning nozzles disappear back into the pool floor marking almost invisible and all that is left is a crystal clear pool that is ready to enjoy.

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