Keeping the Bugs Away from the Pool

If you find yourself hopping into the swimming pool water cluttered with bugs, well that means you are not active enough in utilizing a swimming pool cover. This is something that you do not want to experience especially when you simply wanted to hop in and swim. Skimming off the bugs away from the surface of the pool is not much of a big deal. However, if you need to skim the bugs off of the pool surface each time you wanted to go for a swim is a different story. You are using so much time that it should be an enjoyable time for swimming.

Therefore, in order to keep the bugs away, you need to be diligent in utilizing the pool cover. Not only that it decreases the rate of water evaporation, it also keeps the bugs out of the pool water. If you have trees around the pool, make sure to cut the branches and trim them especially the once overhanging by the pool. Why? Because trees and leaves attract bugs. If you have pool lights surrounding the pool area, make sure to turn it off during night time especially when not in use. This too will keep the bugs away. Since insects are attracted to algae, Keep in mind to brush off the floors and walls of the swimming pool at least once a week. Then after brushing off, do not forget to vacuum any remaining debris in the pool. Clear up the filters as a matter of usual practice. As an addition to how you can prevent algae growth, maintain the chlorine levels between 1.5 and 3.5 parts per million as well as the other chemicals in the pool. Lastly, keep away any food and drinks from the swimming pool. This will lessen ants or any other stinging insects nearby the pool. 

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