Kinds of Pool Valves

Valves are often unrecognized but played an important role in swimming pool equipment. They are the once that can let us allow to control the flow of the swimming pool water with just a spin on a shaft. Whether to allow the water flow to shut off entirely or to limit the flow of water to a lower rate. The swimming pool pump and filtration system have many different kinds of valves that manage to carry out many functions and task of a swimming pool every day. 

Backwashing System. The backwashing system alone has a different type of valves. Each valve has different functions and designs. These specific valves will let the whole filtration system to either backwash the pool or filter the water from the pool. Some other valves will assist in flushing the pool water backward through the ports and to empty the system. 

Plumbing System. The plumbing system has multiple sets of valves as well. Some valves are isolating the flow of water to only one pipe. Other valves are used in splitting the flow of pool water between two pipes. There are valves that are preventing the flow of water from an approaching water pipe. While the other valves are specific for turning the flow of water on and off or just to simply close the flow of water off in a specific part of the pump.

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