List of Swimming Pool Equipment

A swimming pool is a compound set of linked devices and equipment that must be inspected and needs to keep up regularly. If you are working with a licensed swimming pool service contractor, rest assured that these equipment are certainly checked on a daily basis. This is often done during pool cleaning service schedules or maintenance appointment visits. In this article, we have accumulated a breakdown and a little bit of description of each swimming pool equipment that the pool owner must be mindful of.

Pool Pump. This pool equipment is known to be the heart of the pool system. It is responsible for the pool water to circulate as well as to distribute chemicals throughout the pool water.

Filtration System. This system is the process of filtering all of the pool water. It removes dirt and debris to make it clean with the help of a pool pump that pushes the water over the filtering system.

Salt Chlorinating System. This pool equipment helps in cleaning the swimming pool with the use of a salt system instead of using chlorine. 

DE Pool Filters. This pool filter device has a lot of assorted types. They are used for filtering out even the smallest fragment of dirt from the pool water.

Automatic Pool Cleaner. This pool equipment helps the pool owner in keeping the pool water clean without having to carry out too much manual labor that is time and energy-consuming. It is usually set up during construction. 

Skimmer. This device is responsible for removing dirt from the pool like leaves bugs etc. It keeps the surface of the swimming pool water clean before it goes directly to the filtration system.

Chemical Feeders. These devices are used for dispensing chemicals into the pool water. This chemical holding equipment helps in evenly releasing chemicals directly into the pool water.

Valves. These countless valves through the whole swimming pool system need to be checked, lubricated and tightened. These devices are responsible for controlling the flow direction of the water whether in and out of the pool equipment or to and from the swimming pool.

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