Multiport Valve

Multiport backwash valve has greater characteristics but at the rate of flow. MVP valve is another term for multiport valves. This type of valve has multiple ports as one of its major advantages. They have more preferences other than just backwash or filter. However, the drawback is that the multiport valve is more difficult to figure out and repair. It also has a lot of valve parts, which has more possibilities for internal problems. Common multiport valves have six positions. These positions are mostly labeled as Backwash, Filter, Rinse, Recirculate, Waste/Drain and Closed.

Filter. A filter is responsible for sending the pool water over to the filter and vise-Versa, going back to the pool. This is the typical routine environment for all backwash valves.

Backwash. A backwash is responsible for sending the pool water in reverse to the filter to remove the dirt out from the filters. This will direct the water out through the backwash line.

Rinse. A rinse is responsible for sending the pool water over to the filter. Just like the normal filter routine mode. But alternatively, it will not return the water to the pool. It directs the pool water to the backwash line. This is beneficial use for sand filters that requires a rinse period.

Recirculate. A recirculate is responsible for sending the pool water going back directly to the pool. This process omits the filter process. 

Waste. A waste simply sends the pool water to the pump straightly to the waste line.

Closed. A closed simply does not allow any water to flow in each and every direction using the backwash valve.   

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