Nitrates in Pools

Nitrates are one of the natural contaminants that are taking place into pool waters. Just like phosphates, nitrates are a plant source of nourishment. It can be seen and grow anywhere with plants. They say that you have made your own point of supply of nitrates if you have leafage in the surrounding area of the pool. They are there, prepared and ready to contaminate the pool water. 

Basically nitrates contamination are found everywhere. From feces of birds to rainwater that will land into the pool will end up contaminating the water. Family pets are also one of the source of nitrate contamination as the nitrates from the plants that come across and attached to their coats will eventually wash off as they dip into the pool to swim. Humans are no exemption as well. We all know that human sweat in the pool while swimming. In addition to that, makeup, oil, lotion, sunscreen, and other cosmetic products can add an ample amount of nitrates. So to sum up all the possible contaminants, these small amounts of nitrates can easily build up and increase its level that may be enough for algae to develop and evolve into the swimming pool water.

Although nitrates in the pool water will not harm or cause any issues to the swimmers directly, it will soon affect the quality and cleanliness of the water. If nitrates cannot be detected and notice at an early stage, the pool water will turn into an unattractive green color. Meaning, algae already develop and attached and connect itself to the sidewalls of the pool. If the nitrates level goes up higher than 10 ppm, algae growth will begin to get out of hand. Adding more and more chlorine through pool shock treatment and even algaecides will cost you a lot of effort and money.

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