Part 2 - Standard Swimming Pool Manners

The thought of someone peeing in the swimming pool is outrageously unsanitary and unhealthful. Now, here is the second part of our article regarding Standard Swimming Pool Manners.

There is an old fictitious story about peeing in the pool. They say that if the pool water turns green when treated with a pool chemical it definitely has urine in it. But that folks is just an urban myth. Nevertheless, teaching our children to use the restroom and potty-trained them for as early as 2 years old could be a good start. In this case, they can also use this master when they go swimming. Isn't it great? Because if they do, NO one will be peeing in the swimming pool anymore. Having toddlers in the swimming pool is a different story.  Baby diapers with poop and urine-soaked in the pool water is not a good sight nor imagine either. Parents should take responsibility for their toddlers not to swim in their dirty diapers or else the mood for a good swimming party can become somewhat a disaster. Let us all be instinctive, let us teach our children to communicate about proper hygiene. Lastly, since pool chemicals can not kill everything. If you have a rash, deep cut, fleshy wound and you wear bandages to cover them, try to place yourself into somebody else's shoe. How would you feel if someone with those skin issues would swim with the same pool you are in? Let us be more considerate of others. 

Smart swimming!

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